Al-Sajjad Production has handcrafted leather

which include leather arm bracers and leather wrist bracers for the lower arm protection. Leather arm bracers are the most common forms of protection in sword fighting or finishing off a medieval outfit. The most popular leather arm bracers we carry are the plain leather bracers, Celtic leather arm bracers, Viking leather bracers and the studded leather arm bracers.

Al-Sajjad Production has

the finest custom leather armor around! We design custom, hand-crafted legal armour for SCA and LARP (Live action role-playing) events. Our leather armour will provide protection for you in role-playing events or making you that unique person at a medieval fair. Al-Sajjad Production crafts all our leather armor out of 7/8 ounce or 13/15 ounce top grain, quality armour leather.

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